The Best and Worst Corporate Brand Tweets from Star Wars Day


Yesterday, May 4th, was a glorious day to be celebrated by all of Star Wars fandom. Star Wars Day was upon us, and thanks to social media outlets like Twitter, fans were able to connect with other fans over their mutual love of all things Star Wars.

Sadly, but in some cases hilariously…but in most cases tragically sad, Corporate Twitter accounts used the day to shamelessly push their particular brands on the rest of the world. The did this through the use of the hash-tags #MayTheFourthBeWithYou and #StarWarsDay

Corporate brands like Charmin were getting in on the celebration.

As you can see, there was nothing they would not do to get their awful puns in.

Monster got in on the fun.

But was quickly corrected by a java pro, who also used the wrong hashtag. COME ON NERD BRO GET THE ONE NERD THING RIGHT PLEASE.


Southwest Airlines thought they’d be clever with this tweet…

But we all know that had the normal lay-person stood up in an airplane with a stormtrooper helmet on, then the Sky-Marshal would have us on the ground and handcuffed before we could say “May the Fo…”

Whataburger got points for artistic design.

But then had those points instantly revoked by using the word “Good” with a picture of a condiment AT-AT. Dear Whataburger social media director’s assistant’s assistant in charge of Twitter: The Empire is bad. The Empire uses the AT-AT. The Empire is NOT “Good.”

Canada tried…

And failed with their horrible lettering. That’s like the discount brand Star Wars lettering.

Pillsbury absolutely killed it!

Seriously, this is top 5 best tweets of May 4th, 2015.

The USDA got in on the festivities with a very well constructed tweet.

Notice the awesome “Sleeping Bag” part of the TaunTaun? Well done USDA, well done (cooking pun).

Goddammit Canada, didn’t we just talk about proper Star Wars tweets?

I literally wish I could Force choke Canada.



Never mind, Kmart, Nissan has saved the day. This is just plain f@#king awesome!

Seriously, never tweet again, Kmart.

Target did quite well, as well.

Don’t even try to lie, you’ve done this multiple times…I HAVE.

Finally, I leave you with the “Try harder, please” award, which is given to Red Bull.

No really, Red Bull, “Happy Monday?” Really? Try harder, Red Bull. This is why I only drink Monster energy drinks.

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