The Jedi Council: What would you like to see in a possible Boba Fett Star Wars Anthology film?


With the news last week, that Boba Fett will possibly be the subject of the second Star Wars Anthology film, as reported by website TheWrap, many fans have been speculating as what a movie featuring the baddest bounty hunter in the galaxy, would be about. So, we here at Dork Side of the Force, are bringing that question to our Jedi Council, to see what they would like to see in a possible Boba Fett movie?

David (Razor) Harris: I guess for me, a life-long Star Wars fan since the 1980’s, I would need to see what happens to Boba Fett once he escapes the Sarlacc Pit. Because, in my mind, he would need to have survived that ordeal, in order to continue his legendary run as the galaxy’s most feared bounty hunter.

I don’t really care about an origin story, as we pretty much know where he came from (Kamino), who his father was (Jango Fett), and what happened after Jango was killed in Attack of the Clones (Clone Wars had a story-arc about young Boba). So, give us a look at his life after the Sarlacc pit, or maybe what he was doing between the three Original Trilogy movies.

As far as actors for Boba go, the only man I want to see in that Mandalorian armor, is Manu Bennett (Spartacus, The Hobbit Trilogy, Arrow). He has the look, he has the acting chops, and the action experience. Manu HAS to be the only man for the job…in my opinion, of course.

Kyle Warnke: The most important question to consider when developing a potential Boba Fett spinoff is not who or what; it’s when. There are a lot of wildly different story possibilities when trying to determine where we will join Fett in the Star Wars timeline. Do we follow Fett in the period between Episode III and IV, as he tries to establish his bounty hunter name during the Empire’s glory years? Do we get a glimpse of his life as an associate of Jabba the Hutt in parallel with the events of A New Hope, but before he takes on Darth Vader’s mission in Episode V?

Do we catch up with him immediately after Return of the Jedi, still covered in fresh Sarlaac blood after he blasted his way out of the animal’s stomach (I’m assuming)? Or should his onscreen storyline run concurrently with The Force Awakens, setting up his importance in the late canon universe? This would be much different than the previous idea, as TFA is set 30 years after Return of the Jedi.

As it turns out, Marvel’s Star Wars comics are already fleshing out Fett’s adventures post-A New Hope, so that thread is tied up. And since this rumored spinoff is supposed to be part of the Anthology film series, it’s doubtful it will line up with the new trilogy. The post-Return of the Jedi period will also probably be ignored, as I bet the Journey to The Force Awakens product line will have full command of that timeline.

So I’m betting that, if this spinoff happens, it will follow in the footsteps of Rogue One and be set between III and IV. It may also be telling if Fett doesn’t show up in Rebels this season, hinting that Lucasfilm wants to reserve his character in that period for the big screen. It would be a fascinating era to explore with Fett as he builds his feared reputation and develops a relationship with the Empire. I’d love to see him delve into his Mandalorian heritage and perhaps even wrestle with his identity as a clone. With the pieces set up the way they are, this appears to be the best avenue for Disney to pursue.

Elaine Tveit: I have mixed feelings about this rumor. To be honest, I don’t really care for the idea of Boba Fett being the focus of the second Star Wars Anthology film. There are so many other interesting places Lucasfilm could go (a couple of examples are: a Kenobi in exile movie, and a movie set between the events of Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens), that the choice of Boba for the focus of a spinoff almost seems more like a money grab than anything else. Also, I realize that Boba is a very popular character; but other than looking and acting cool, I don’t see much potential for a good film. That is to say, I don’t see much potential for a good film, if said film focuses solely on Boba. For one thing, he’s clearly not very nice (as The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi show), and for another, I don’t think you could ever like Boba as a person (you can only sympathize with him about his father’s death so far). In the end, I don’t think there’s much opportunity for audiences to make that emotional connection with Boba that’s important to make with a main character.

That said, if the rumor that a Boba Fett Anthology film is in the works is true, I think there must be a good story behind it, or Kathleen Kennedy wouldn’t have approved it. In that event, there is a way that they could tell Fett’s origin story without him being the main protagonist. Rather, they could approach his story through the eyes of an outside party or influence, maybe even another bounty hunter. This way, we have someone who will interpret Boba’s character for us, allow us to understand him better by seeing how another person sees and interacts with him. It would save the filmmakers from having to struggle to make Boba into a character that people can connect with on an emotional level. We’d still be connected to Boba, of course, but indirectly; any emotions we would associate with him would come from the main character whose perspective we’re viewing Boba through. The empathy, or sympathy, or love, or hatred, whatever the main character is feeling towards Boba, will be built up for us, rather than us having to build up (or try to build up) feelings ourselves.

In summary, I am of the camp that would like to see Lucasfilm go in a different direction for the second Star Wars Anthology film. BUT, if Kathleen Kennedy and the story group have approved a Boba Fett movie idea, it’s probably a really good one. And I believe there are ways to make a film that’s focused on Boba interesting. Regardless, I hope we get a story that is fresh and creative like the one we’re getting for Rogue One.

Joseph Prescott: That’s a tough one to answer.  On the one hand it’d be cool to see how they treat his escape from the Sarlacc but being that all EU stories post-Jedi are now void then there would have to be some new way of introducing the character back into canon without being too implausible.  But on the other hand tracing back the characters roots would be interesting and easier for continuity.  We’ve seen some parts of Boba’s early life through The Clone Wars but this may have been too light and fantastical for most fans of the Fett.  This is a guy with strict Mandalorian morals and ruthless efficiency in his bounty hunting and that’s what I’d like to see on screen.

So where is the best place for a Fett standalone to begin?  Should it cover the events during and after the Sarlacc escape, the formative years or span his lifetime?  Anything regarding Boba Fett would be cool, but a standalone film might be stretching the legend a bit too far as one feels that less is more with this character, plus it may prove difficult to appease the fans by introducing a bigger backstory as he relies on stories and legends more than evidence.  That’s what makes him so darn cool, the alluring mystique of his T-shaped visor and stoic demeanour, shrouded in mystery and notoriously sinister.  He is a bada$$, no doubt, so digging around feels slightly gluttonous and unecessary pipe to feed the fans.

But this is Boba Fett we’re talking about here.  He can’t be Vader’s number one choice for nothing, he has to have proved his worth countless times to earn such reverence from the Dark Lord.  It’s strange how such an innocuous character has become so beloved within the fandom, maybe it’s because of his snazzy gadgets and unique appearance, maybe because he’s bold and smart enough to hunt Han Solo without fear.  A perfect foil, the antithesis of Han’s cool attitude, always one step ahead of him in Episode V.  Maybe it’s the bold and slightly garish armour, his seemingly endless weaponry, the jetpack, the helmet, Slave 1.  Whatever it is, it makes sense that Disney want to bring Fett out on his own as he’s simply too cool and adored by the fans.

Final Story:  I had the opportunity to meet Jeremy Bulloch at a local Comic-Con back in 2013.  I was wearing my Boba Fett hoodie, the one that zips all the way up to resemble the helmet, and he complemented me on it saying he has one the same.  I showed him the zipper hood and he said his doesn’t do that, but I quickly pointed at the Fett poster nearby and said he got to wear the real thing!  He couldn’t be a nicer gentleman to meet, very approachable and open to the fans, and I’d like to hear his opinion on a new Boba Fett Anthology movie.

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