Is Joss Whedon in line to direct Star Wars: Episode IX?


Joss Whedon has long been a director that all of nerdom loves and adores, after all, he is the man who gave us Firefly and it’s amazing film, Serenity. Before that, Whedon brought us Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. And that was all before he became the savior of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Avengers and Agents of SHIELD.

With the premiere of his second MCU movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron, in the bag, Whedon has taken a step back from the super-hero movie genre, and is looking to other things. Just this week he deleted his Twitter account, stating that he needed the quiet that being unplugged from social media platforms, provided him. Might there be a reason he is seeking quiet? Maybe to have time to think and write a completely badass Star Wars movie?

According to Making Star Wars, and  the Get your Geek on podcast (a fantastic Star Wars podcast), Whedon seems to be a lock for directing the third installment of the new trilogy which would be Star Wars: Episode IX.

"“The Get Your Geek On podcast this past Monday revealed that Star Wars will be the next stop for Mr. Whedon. While Rian Johnson has been signed for Episode VIII, Whedon is a lock at least for installment IX.”"

It’s important to remember that these are just rumors that started picking up recently, especially since Age of Ultron is now in theaters and Whedon’s slate is clean. Neither Disney/Lucasfilm or Joss Whedon himself have made any official statements confirming or denying these rumors, but if true, it would be HUGE for the Star Wars franchise.

As mentioned above, Joss Whedon already has experience in space with Firefly, a show that was tragically and infamously cut short by Fox, much to every person’s, who ever watched it, chagrin. The show was a stroke of genius and boasted many qualities that the original Star Wars trilogy had.

Personally, I would love to see Joss Whedon come to Star Wars. He’s already been at Marvel, which is part of Disney, and since now that Lucasfilm and Star Wars are part of the Disney family, Whedon could make that jump from the MCU to the SWU, quite smoothly. Let’s all pray to the Force ghost of Yoda, for that to happen.

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