The Fansided Network Star Wars Roundup: Week 5!


We are back for another Fansided Network, Star Wars news roundup! As part of the roundup, we search our mothership at Fansided, for all the best Star Wars news, rumors, fun and interesting articles that our fellow sites have been reporting.

This week we begin our journey with Lightly Buzzed, the Fansided site that reports on any and all entertainment from around the internet. LB’s piece on Daniel Craig (James Bond), being in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, is a companion piece to our own reporting we did on the news. When you finally get to see Star Wars The Force Awakens later this year, remember to keep an eye out for Daniel Craig, who reportedly has a cameo in the film as a stormtrooper. The Daniel Craig secret was recently let out by J.J. Abrams pal Simon Pegg” We had heard rumors of the Spectre crew filming a few scenes in the same area where TFA was being shot, and everyone was speculating that this was going to happen. Whether Pegg is joking with us, or not, is the big kicker here.

Next up is Flicksided with a piece on the long-lost and mostly forgotten short film shown in front of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, titled Black Angel. “Black Angel” has been lost to the world for the last 35 years, until a copy was found stored away at Universal Studios. The film was the first to use a process that we know as step-printing, which is the process of slowing down action sequences. This process was then used for the light saber duel that took place during “Empire Strikes Back”. Black Angel, as reported by our very own Kyle Warnke, is a film about a knight from the crusades returning home, but must enter a mystic realm to save a princess. Black Angel was shown in front of ESB in Australia and Europe.

Rounding out our Fansided Star Wars Roundup, is Bam Smack Pow, the site for everything comic books, and their piece on Star Wars #1, Darth Vader #1 Getting Directors Cuts In June. “What’s it mean for a comic book to get a Director’s Cut? In this case, it means “script pages and in-progress artwork from each issue” from the teams of Jason Aaron and John Cassaday (Star Wars) and Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larroca (Darth Vader).” Ever since Marvel has taken back the Star Wars comic titles, their story-runs have been topping out the comic book sales charts, for several month in a row now. These are well written and beautifully illustrated comic books, and something any and every Star Wars fan will enjoy.

That’s it for this week folks, be sure to tune in all week, as Dork Side of the Force brings you all the cool news and information about the entire Star Wars universe. And don’t forget to check back next week, as we will bring you another Fansided Network Star Wars news roundup.

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