Third The Force Awakens Trailer POSSIBLY Showing With Inside Out


UPDATE 5/19/2015:

According to another blogger, who apparently went to the same screening as the first, The Force Awakens trailer that they saw at the Inside Out screening was not a new one, rather it was the second teaser trailer which was revealed at Star Wars Celebration.

I looked at Jamie Greene’s profile on Twitter; he writes for Rancho Obi Wan and co-hosts a podcast, so he seems reliable.

Another interesting development: The husband of the first blogger, whose tweets still appear in the article below, has deleted his Twitter account. Did he get into trouble for spilling a secret that he was supposed to keep quiet onto social media? Or did he realize that his wife got the trailers confused, and subsequently left Twitter to escape the heat from fans?

This is all very mysterious, to say the least. We’re not discounting this rumor just yet, but until we get more information, please continue to regard it with caution.

A blogger who was given an advanced screening of Disney Pixar’s Inside Out claims that she saw a new The Force Awakens trailer play before the movie, along with a Star Wars Rebels trailer. She also claims that it wasn’t the latest teaser trailer, which was first shown at Star Wars Celebration last month.

The blogger’s husband, Bryan Dean, was the one who tweeted about it.

In reaction to investigative questions, Bryan replied with:

He also added:

Of course, there is no evidence to back any of this up. I doubt that this is a false trail, given that there is nothing to gain by starting a rumor like this, but there’s not enough facts backing this claim up to call it completely “legitimate” just yet. Even if it’s true, however, and as Bryan himself said in a different tweet, a new The Force Awakens trailer being shown with Inside Out at a bloggers’s screening does not guarantee that it will show nationwide in theaters when Inside Out premieres on June 16th. Also, it seems a little too soon after the premiere of the second Episode VII trailer to be releasing another one.

Jeremy Conrad at Furious Fanboys, however, thinks there are several reasons why a third trailer being released so soon after the second one makes sense.

"There were scenes for the second trailer that were actually edited in one cut of it that didn’t make it into the final teaser. These included more shots of Poe and Finn, Threepio, and Poe’s X-Wing with BB-8 socketed into it.Pixar movies have a tradition of showing Star Wars trailers with them, after all Star Wars movies are kid’s movies.Disney did say they would be following the Marvel marketing model with Star Wars, and they do tend to do multiple trailers for the Marvel films. There were at least three different trailers for Avengers: Age of Ultron for example"

The verdict? We simply don’t know. We’ll have to wait for either further confirmation from more (or just more official) sources or the premiere of Inside Out.

Note: The first bullet point in Conrad’s list is based off a description for the second teaser trailer, as reported by Making Star Wars, before its premiere at Star Wars Celebration. If you read the post, some of what was reported did indeed appear in the second trailer. The scenes that didn’t could have been edited into a third trailer, as Conrad said.

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