Rumor: Star Wars: The Force Awakens to Feature Post-Credits Scene


As Disney reveals more and more of its plans for Star Wars, we’re starting to get a decent picture of the shared universe that it’s looking to build around the franchise.

And since the Marvel franchise patented and perfected the process of crafting a series of interconnected films, TV shows and ancillary properties, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Lucasfilm Story Group take a few cues from the superheroes and supervillains who came before.

That’s why we probably shouldn’t be surprised if Star Wars adapts one of the hallmarks of the Marvel films: the post-credits scene. According to a new report from Heroic Universe, the new Star Wars films will indeed feature post-credits scenes, beginning with Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The website only cites anonymous sources, so this should be taken with more than a few grains of salt. There has been no official word from Disney, Lucasfilm, or the filmmakers over whether The Force Awakens or any other upcoming Star Wars films will feature a post-credits scene.

To be honest, I kind of doubt there will be until the official release of the film. It would make sense to try to keep a post-credits scene secret until everyone is able to see it, and if you remember, Iron Man‘s post-credits teaser with Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury wasn’t included in prints that were screened for the press.

The report doesn’t have any details on what the post-credits scene will entail, only that it will contain a “crucial plot development relative to the cliffhanger of the film.” That begs the question: If it’s a crucial plot development tied to the film’s ending, why isn’t it part of the film itself?

Whether any of this is true, it brings up an interesting question: Should the new Star Wars films have post-credits scenes? Heroic Universe speculates that these scenes could tie into the Star Wars Anthology films starting with Rogue One. But that doesn’t make a lot of sense, since Rogue One is set more than 30 years before The Force Awakens. What could a scene like that reveal about an event that happened decades in the past?

This is one of the thorny issues in dealing with post-credits scenes in the Star Wars universe. If the filmmakers are going to be exploring different time periods in the galaxy, like Rogue One or in the potential Boba Fett spinoff, then it could be awkward trying to give each movie a post-credits scene that ties into another film.

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There’s always the possibility that the scene stands on its own and simply offers fans some extended time to spend in the universe, like the shawarma scene in Avengers.

But if the scene is not just a bonus, if it’s supposed to be tied to a larger story arc that’s bigger than the film itself, what exactly is it building to? Is Disney considering a massive Star Wars team-up a la Avengers or Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice? That seems unlikely, at least for the moment, with five films already planned.

With these points in mind, I would mostly be against any scenes in Star Wars following the credits. It may make sense for comic book movies, but since Disney is clearly very interested in exploring the pre-sequel aspects of the universe, they could feel shoehorned in.

I wouldn’t be as opposed to them if they explored small, overlooked details that perhaps focused on character moments. But relegating massive plot developments to a post-credits scene would be unfair and cheap. Just put them in the movie.

What do you guys think?

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