The Fansided Network Star Wars Roundup: Week 6


We are back for another Fansided Network, Star Wars news roundup! As part of the roundup, we search our mothership at Fansided, for all the best Star Wars news, rumors, fun and interesting articles that our fellow sites have been reporting. This week we will be focusing on one site in particular, as they really brought the heat with some fantastic comic reviews. I’m talking about our fellow Fansided site, Bam Smack Pow. 

First up we have their review of Star Wars #5. “Easily the best issue of the series yet, Star Wars #5 sees Luke return to his home of Tatooine in order to see if “Ben” Kenobi left anything behind that can help him become a better Jedi. Meanwhile, we also check in on Han and Leia as they embark on a mission to find a new rebel base for the Rebel Alliance.” This is a great issue in this run. Not only do you have Luke actually going back to Tatooine, which I always wondered why that was never shown in the movies, but it’s got Boba freaking Fett. Fett, as Bam Smack Pow accurately notes, is the star of this issue…and why wouldn’t he be? He’s Boba by-god Fett.

Next we have the Editor in Chief of Bam Smack Pow, , with his coverage of the Atlantic City Boardwalk Con, and  Charles Soule’s take on Lando. “I feel like this project really hits the sweet spot as a writer,” he said. “I’ve been given a very strong template for the character, and then I get to plug that template into whatever kind of story I make up” Sounds like Lando is about to go on some very exciting adventures, in the very near future, and as a Lando fan, I could not be more happy. The piece goes on to talk about how Soule will implement all of the usual catch phrases associated with Lando, and that is more than okay with me.

Finally, Bam Smack Pow interviewed Jason Aaron (Thor, Ghost Rider, Wolverine and PunisherMAX), and has their second installment of that interview here. With Star Wars, there’s never really been as much done with those original characters in that specific part of the timeline. Yes, there was a lot of Expanded Universe stuff over the years, but now that’s not part of the canon anymore. And even then, a lot of the fans reading this new series have only seen the movies. So you’re dealing with characters whose every word has been poured over in a way that Spider-Man’s can’t be.” Aaron is an amazing mind in the Marvel universe, and his work with Star Wars should be nothing short of spectacular. The proof is already in the pudding, so to say, with Star Wars #1. Big things are in store for fans of the Marvel Star Wars Comics, so buckle up, it’s going to be a fun ride!

That’s it for this week folks, be sure to tune in all week, as Dork Side of the Force brings you all the cool news and information about the entire Star Wars universe. And don’t forget to check back next week, as we will bring you another Fansided Network Star Wars news roundup.

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