Gary Whitta is Writing an Episode of Star Wars Rebels


Gary Whitta, one of the writers of the Rogue One script and the originator of the Star Wars Anthology film’s title, is writing at least one episode of Star Wars Rebels.

This comes from a tweet he put out earlier today.

This tweet has led many on Twitter to speculate that this episode will be connected in some way to Rogue One, as both the animated series and the film take place in the same era (the Rise of the Empire, between Episodes III and IV).

In Rogue One, a band of resistance fighters team up to steal the plans for the Death Star. Perhaps the resistance fighters are to include characters or a character from Star Wars Rebels? Or perhaps the crew of The Ghost are involved in some other, subtler way: a distraction for the Imperials while the heroes and heroines of the Anthology film are carrying out their mission, or maybe as the first discoverers of the plans, which they then pass on to more capable hands.

It could also be that Whitta has simply been given the opportunity to write a fun episode. Regardless,  I’m looking forward to what he and Dave Filoni and the rest of team behind Star Wars Rebels have planned for us.

The hour-long Star Wars Rebels season two premiere, titled The Siege of Lothal, will debut June 20th at 9:00 PM EST, on Disney XD.

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