Star Wars in Disney Playmation: What It Is & How It Works


A few days ago, Disney unveiled their newest line of wearable toy tech that is the principle component of Playmation. In the game that is Playmation, toys and technology interact to create an immersive, imagination-powered adventure for the wearer of the toy to play through.

The first game set from this new line takes you into The Avengers universe and comes with an Iron Man-style glove with which you can “blast” enemies, “fly,” and “shield” yourself against attacks. The set uses modern technology like wireless and motion sensors to allow the different parts (the wearables, specialized action figures, and more) to communicate with each other and with you. The result an amazing intersection of imaginative play (hence “playmation”) and virtual reality that makes visualizing yourself or your child having adventures in your favorite fictional universes a much more real experience.

And in 2016, you and your child will be able to use that unique Playmation experience to immerse yourself in your favorite galaxy far, far away as you’ve never done before.

Check out the trailer for Playmation below.

Despite the use of an app, the official Disney Playmation website FAQ does not define Playmation as a video game; rather as a whole new form of play “unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.”

"There is a companion app, but Playmation is not meant to be played in front of a screen. Instead, you become part of the story in real life–running around and using your imagination to complete missions and go on exciting adventures."

The young girl in the video below (video-recorded by /Film) demonstrated how the Iron Man glove works with motion sensors, the specialized action figures, and the mobile app to simulate an adventure that you can play through as if it were actually happening in real life (video via Making Star Wars).

Though the girl in the video is playing the game in her “bedroom,” the Playmation website assures you that you can play inside and outside. A video on The Verge shows children using the Playmation Iron Man gear in both environments.

Seeing how The Avengers set works makes me almost giddy, because I’m imagining how cool the Star Wars set will be to play. It’s clear that both young and old fans are going to love Playmation. Because, come on: what fan hasn’t ever imagined themselves in the Star Wars universe, taking down enemies and exploring exotic worlds as one of the canon heroes or their own made-up character? I certainly have, many times; and though the adventures programmed into Playmation don’t seem to allow you to create your own self-customized adventure, I’m sure they will at least add some novelty to your child’s (or your) play.

According to The Verge, you can pre-order The Avengers Playmation set beginning on July 7th. It will become available in stores in October for $119.99.

Look for the Star Wars Playmation sets in 2016!

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