R2-D2 Fridge Perfect for Holding Drinks at Your Barge Party


“R2! What are you doing here?!”

Looking for a droid to keep your guests’s drinks cold at your next barge party? Haier, an electronics and home appliances company based in China, has you covered.

Meet R2-D2, your next rolling mini-fridge unit!

Obviously, as there’s no room for Kenny Baker inside, the “droid” is operated by other means. According to CNET, it is remote controlled, and obtains its life Force from a rechargeable battery. With its lights and sound effects. combined with the authentic-looking design, owning this fridge would be almost like having the real droid in your house. In fact, he’d be a perfect companion (and functioning appliance) for me when I move into my dorm room this fall!

I doubt, though, that this little droid will fit in a college student’s budget. No price or launch date for the product has been addressed, so says Digital Trends, but I imagine that with all of its fancy features, it might take Han Solo’s reward money to pay for it.

R2 is not the first Star Wars character to get his own refrigerator. You can buy this mini-fridge from Think Geek and display Han Solo in carbonite for all your scum and villainy to see and fear your wrath. Its cost: $149.99, which doesn’t seem like a bad deal. However, though it does come equipped with some red lights to recreate some of the ominous atmosphere of Jabba’s palace, it doesn’t have remote controlled mobile capabilities or sound effects. And it’s also not the most famous droid in Star Wars history. So if you’re thinking about saving your bounty money for this product, be prepared to spend over $150.

Thanks to R2D2Central.com for bringing this stellar fridge to our attention with their report.

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