Report: Ken Leung Cast in Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams has come a long way since he directed the pilot episode of ABC’s hit drama Lost, but it appears he took some friends from the Island with him to a galaxy far, far away.

A new report from StarWars7News claims that actor Ken Leung will appear in the upcoming movie as a general in the newly christened Resistance. Leung is primarily known for his role as the psychic Miles Straume in Lost, in which he was initially an antagonistic character but soon joined forces with the show’s heroes.

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The site says that Leung is likely to only have a small role, but he will be a high-ranking military officer. According to the report, his uniform looks “brownish…with a reddish belt” and includes a rank insignia that looks like this:

This symbol looks similar to the Rebel Alliance’s ranking system, just using lines instead of dots. His uniform reportedly looks like this character’s, only with longer sleeves:

These little details are actually quite interesting, as they seem to be the first indicator of a military hierarchy that we’ve seen from either the Resistance or the First Order.

Meanwhile, Leung has had most of his big roles in TV, including a recurring role in the series Person of Interest, produced by Abrams’ company Bad Robot. He’s also made it onto the big screen, with appearances in X-Men: The Last Stand, Red Dragon and A.I.: Artificial Intelligence.

This is yet another sign of Disney’s commitment to diversity by adding an actor of Asia-Pacific heritage. It only makes sense that a galactic military would feature people and creatures from all walks of the galaxy instead of all being a single race, ethnicity or gender.

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