Eric Goldman of IGN tweeted a picture of the side of the Black Series, F..."/> Eric Goldman of IGN tweeted a picture of the side of the Black Series, F..."/>

New Information About The First Order on Black Series Box


Eric Goldman of IGN tweeted a picture of the side of the Black Series, First Order Stormtrooper figure packaging, which describes the history (and future) of the Stormtroopers (via The Saga Continues). It also sheds some light on what we know of the First Order Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Check it out below.

The description reads:

"Shock troopers clad in white armor first appeared on the galactic stage during the opening battles of the Clone Wars. Clone Trooper armor became iconic almost immediately; its stark white design stood for hope that peace and stability might be restored to a galaxy of war. But this dream of peace died with the Republic, and the Empire that rose to take its place imposed order by any means necessary. Soldiers within the grand army of the Republic were given a new name: Stormtroopers. As these former protectors of galactic peace mercilessly crushed resistance across the galaxy, their white armor came to symbolize oppression and the indomitable power of the Emperor’s will. Yet the tyranny of Imperial rule sparked rebellion, and the Stormtrooper legions were scattered in the aftermath of the Empire’s fall. Now, the rise of the First Order ushers in the next chapter in the Stormtrooper legacy as a new era of ruthless brutality begins."

The most interesting parts of this to me are the last two sentences. In them, new information is revealed and implied information is confirmed.

First, we now know that the Stormtrooper legions became separate pieces of the Empire scattered across the galaxy. That makes sense, because if the legions are under the control of Moffs (like Wilhuff Tarkin), and the Moffs are governors of different territories, they would probably take their respective legions and retreat to familiar ground to regroup. The problem with this is, they are still scattered, they are still pieces; the remnants of an Empire that is without a leader to unite them all. Thus, I think we can safely speculate that one of the two situations listed below has led to the formation of the First Order:

1) The First Order is comprised of just one or a few of those scattered Stormtrooper legions, grown to power under the leadership of a Moff or some other equally powerful being (Supreme Leader Snoke?)This would open up the possibility for a third faction aside from the First Order and the Resistance, an Empire dedicated to the old ways set by the Emperor and set against the radicalism of Snoke’s vision for the galaxy.

2) The Empire was reunited wholly, or nearly so, by the encouragement of a being powerful and charismatic enough to sway Moffs and high-ranking officers to his side (again, Supreme Leader Snoke seems a likely candidate).

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The second sentence confirms what we already knew, or perhaps guessed, which is that the First Order will be an evil, cruel regime bent on conquering and subjugation. Somehow, when I consider this description with everything else we’ve seen and heard about the First Order so far, I feel that this new faction is going to be several steps up from the Empire with regards to the “ruthless brutality” they will be treating the citizens of the galaxy with. Everything that the trailers and sneak peek photos have revealed: the sleek look of the First Order troopers, the power and presence of Kylo Ren, the red and black symbol on the First Order flag, and the menacing look on Andy Serkis’s face as he channeled Supreme Leader Snoke… It all adds up to an evil that, to my mind, has the potential to be more menacing and cruel than even the Emperor himself. I’m anxious to see what consequences and dangers are in store for our heroes (both old and new) and the galaxy as a result of this new enemy coming to strength.

All of this serves to remind me that December 18th is not so far off! Stay tuned to Dork Side for more updates, especially on July 10th when Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits San Diego Comic Con!

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