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New Star Wars: Rogue One Concept Art Describes a Family Torn Apart


Jason Ward of Making Star Wars has received a description for a piece of Star Wars: Rogue One concept art. The artwork shows a family being torn apart, and may be hinting at a tragic past for a character; possibly the Rebel soldier played by Felicity Jones.

Read the description below.

"“Nighttime. Trees and bushes in the distance but you can see structures far out. In a clearing there’s a little girl outside a fence. Her family is on the other side. The father is shouting to the little girl and Stormtroopers are coming for them. Mom is crying, older son looks resigned. Little girl has one foot behind her as if she’s about to run. Stormtroopers had backpacks on with tubular riffles.”"

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The scene above sounds to me like a prelude to the main events of Rogue One; that is, if it’s a flashback to Felicity Jones’s character’s past. It could also be, as Ward suggests, a moment anytime in the movie in which the Rebels and/or the audience are reminded of why the Rebel Alliance is so important, and why the Empire (impeccably dressed and the favorite of most fans that it is) needs to be defeated.

This scene could also serve both purposes; losing her family at a young age to Stormtroopers would give Jones’s character (or any other female character) the motivation and the justification she needs to dedicate herself to fighting against the Empire.

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Regardless of who the little girl is, it is interesting that her family is wanted by the Empire. It sounds to me like they are rebels of some kind, or at least rebel sympathizers.

Image from frecklednose.tumblr.com

It is worth noting that Felicity Jones, who is thirty-one years old, is likely playing a character who was born during or shortly before the rise of the Empire (Rogue One is set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope in the Star Wars timeline, closer to A New Hope). If her character is indeed the little girl in the concept art description, then depending on what year she was born, the timing of the event might affect the reason the Empire wants her parents. For example, rather than being all-out insurgents, they could be merely protesting the new regime that has recently come to power in place of the Republic. Or they could be broadcasting messages against the Empire on the Holonet, like Ezra Bridger’s parents from Star Wars Rebels.

If the reason is not even remotely justifiable (e.g., complaining about the Empire around the dinner table or in a bar), then the imprisonment or killing of the little girl’s family would be more emotionally impacting for its unfairness and cruelty. It would truly bring home the idea that the Empire is, at its core, an evil regime that needs to be stopped.

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