5 New Canon Characters from the Star Wars Comics

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By far the most unusual addition to the new canon, Cylo is a cybernetically enhanced human doctor who seems to have unlocked immortality.

After Vader failed at the Battle of Yavin and did not prevent the Rebels from destroying the weapons factory on Cymoon I, the Emperor commissioned Cylo to build him a set of replacement fighters. Vader hired a bounty hunter to capture the humanoid, and afterwards accidentally tortured him to death. But later on, we meet Cylo again, who reveals that he’s figured out how to transfer his consciousness to a new robotic body whenever he dies.

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Invincible season 2 part 2 is coming early next year, but no one knows the exact date /

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  • After meeting this new version, named Cylo-V, Vader is forced to grapple with his creations, a group of modified humans and aliens who have supernatural abilities similar to Force powers. The Emperor witnesses Vader cut down a few of them and then halts the battle, saying he’ll evaluate all of them, including Vader, as to how well they perform for him.

    The backstory and motivation behind Cylo is a strange fit for the Star Wars franchise, as it delves into cyberpunk and hard sci-fi concepts that the universe hasn’t really tackled before. Although this isn’t the first time a Star Wars writer has tried to write around the Force to give other characters similar powers or ways to counteract it, it is the first time this concept is being approached in the new canon. For now, Cylo offers an intriguing look at where the franchise may be headed to in the future.

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