Star Wars Rebels Art Contest Wants You to “Channel Your Inner Sabine”


With the premiere of the second season of Star Wars Rebels having blown everyone’s armor off, it’s time to get fans even more excited and involved in the franchise. is doing just that with the Star Wars Rebels: Season Two Fan Art Contest, which challenges fans to channel their “inner Sabine.”

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Read the contest description from the official Star Wars website below.

"The Ghost crew. Ahsoka Tano. Darth Vader. Star Wars Rebels has changed a galaxy far, far away forever, and is celebrating the upcoming second season of the hit animated series with a new contest: We want you to channel your inner Sabine and create the best Star Wars Rebels art you can!In the official Star Wars Rebels Season Two Fan Art Contest, you can creatively express your love of the heroes, villains, and creatures of the show — and enter for the chance to win cool prizes that would make Vizago jealous. Submit your entries from July 1 – August 31, 2015.We’d wish you luck, but in our experience, there’s no such thing as luck."

The grand prize winner will receive a prize pack that includes $200 credit at Dark In Kart (a site that sells exclusive Star Wars artwork, as well as artwork from other franchises), while the two runner-ups will receive prize packs with $100 credit at Dark In Kart.

You must be 13 years or older and live in the United States, D.C., or Canada (that excludes Quebec) to enter.

With the introduction of artistic Mandalorian teen, Sabine Wren, into canon, the Star Wars universe broadened its horizons. Until Star Wars Rebels, I don’t know that there was any character, canon or Legends, that could have been considered a practicing artist like Sabine is; certainly no one who had such an unabashed love for (traditionally) feminine colors like pink and purple! Sabine, gun-slinging Mando that she is, reminds me that Star Wars doesn’t have to be all about blasters and lightsabers; it can also be about beauty and creativity.

And sometimes, as in Sabine, blasters, beauty, and creativity can overlap in an explosive (and totally Star Wars) way.

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We’d love to see your original Star Wars fan art, whether it’s for this contest or just for fun! Please share your work with us on Twitter @dorksideoforce or on our Facebook page.

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