UPDATED: ‘Star Wars Uprising’ Images Offer Fresh Look at Upcoming RPG

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Editor’s note: This post was updated at 12:10 ET. 

Star Wars Uprising, the upcoming mobile RPG game from Kabam, promises to be an interesting exercise for Disney. The Mouse is already adapting the franchise to break into the emerging market for virtual reality games, and this could be its way to assert an early dominance over mobile gaming.

That could be why Uprising, unlike most mobile gaming expansions, actually looks appealing and as if its developers put some time in it.

Set immediately after the events of Return of the Jedi, the game centers on a band of rebels, smugglers and other opponents of the Empire in the Anoat Sector, where Hoth and Bespin are located. Imperial Governor Adelhard, along with his lieutenant Commander Bragh, are trying to deceive the general population of the system that the Empire has defeated the rebels, and as such they’ve blockaded the entire system to prevent anyone from leaving. It falls to our heroes to stop him.

The game’s beta is reportedly already in progress, with a tentative release date set for September 2015.

UPDATE: It seems that the beta for Uprising recently kicked off, as a handful of gameplay videos are slowly leaking onto YouTube. The best one is probably this 20-minute clip from YouTube user FoXX !, which covers the game’s opening and beginning levels. The video shows how players can create a character from three species: Human, Zabrak or Twi’lek, with male and female versions available.

The video then shows the first few levels on one of the new planets featured in the game, the mining planet Burnin Konn. The player’s character is interacting with Riley, one of the confirmed new characters created specifically for the game, while on a mission for a gangster called Happy Dapp. It seems Kabam is upholding the Star Wars tradition of terrible villainous names.

Kabam has released both a cinematic trailer and a look at the title’s gameplay, but now we may have a few more images that are from the game thanks to Reddit user dre10g. Based on the videos above, these images are the loading screens for Uprising. Check out the best images in the following gallery, as well as speculation as to what they could mean.

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