Mark Hamill Comments on Amy Schumer’s Star Wars Themed GQ Shoot


It would seem that with just five months remaining until the December premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, that any and all Star Wars related news is bombarding the internet at a fevered pitch. In an article from last week, we talked about comedienne Amy Schumer’s non-sanctioned Star Wars themed photo shoot with GQ (By “non-sanctioned” I mean that GQ and Schumer did not have Disney/Lucasfilm’s permission to use Star Wars characters/property in their spread).

Of course, an overwhelming number of Star Wars fans seemed to be outraged by the sexually charged theme, and thus the official Star Wars Twitter account made clear their disgruntled stance. With the dust just beginning to settle over the controversy, Star Wars icon, Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), has weighed in on the situation.

This is why we love Mark Hamill. No passing of judgement, no angrily worded statements about the franchise that he helped to build from the ground floor…just Mark, being Mark.

On a slightly differing note, many conspiracy theorists are claiming that this is Hamill accidentally revealing that he will be back for Star Wars: Episode VIII, which in itself isn’t that much of a reveal, especially since there have really been no rumors of his demise in Episode VII.

There have been many rumors that claim Harrison Ford will not make it past The Force Awakens, however, and that kind of makes sense. It’s a well known fact that Ford wanted to die at the end of Empire Strikes back/Return of the Jedi, but Lucas refused his request, so the reluctant smuggler lived on…for 30 more years, at least. A heroic death for Han, who seems to be down on his luck in The Force Awakens, would in fact be a fitting end.

As for now, the tweet from the official Star Wars Twitter account not withstanding, there has been no official statement released from Disney/Lucasfilm, nor has GQ responded in kind. If they do, then we will keep you updated.

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