Report Card for Marvel’s Star Wars Comics

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Unlike the other three series, I did not read every issue of Star Wars. I read the first one and then, due to an uncertainty of whether I would be able to afford every single new Star Wars comic on a college student budget, fell out of the series and did not pick it back up again until issue #5.

My thoughts on this series, then, are based on the three I did read, all of which I enjoyed. They all felt like classic Star Wars adventures, with some surprising twists. In Star Wars #1, for example, an interesting twist that I didn’t anticipate was that Luke was about to have another encounter with Darth Vader. This encounter bridges Star Wars with Darth Vader, and Vader, at least, is profoundly affected by the consequences of it. In Star Wars #6, it was revealed that Han Solo has a wife, the badass and slightly angry Sana Solo. Star Wars #6 also revealed the existence of a journal written by Obi Wan Kenobi, which is now in Luke’s possession; and Luke’s full name was discovered by Darth Vader (an event that, once again, connects Star Wars to Darth Vader).

Overall, I would give what I have read of this series an A-. It clearly has guts, and its creators seem to know just what twists will be tantalizing enough to keep you wanting more.

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