5 Star Wars Legends That Are Still Relevant

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KENOBI by John Jackson Miller

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Kenobi is one of those Star Wars books that, while it doesn’t have a huge impact on the canon universe, grants insight into a beloved character as well as presents a fun and thoughtful story. This book is especially unique in the way it is written. Though the book is called Kenobi, we really only get a few pages from Obi Wan Kenobi’s perspective. The rest of the story is devoted to showing how other people perceive him, which can be more effective toward getting to know a character than by seeing him or her mostly, or only through his or her eyes. Especially when it comes to a character like Obi Wan, whose moral code and Jedi demeanor seem strange and outlandish to others, getting various characters’ point of view of him results in an intriguing experience for the reader.

What’s also great about Kenobi is that, as far as we know, all of the events depicted in it could have happened. We really don’t have much information, Legendary or otherwise, about Obi Wan’s exile on Tatooine. While Marvel’s Star Wars #7 (debuting July 29th) will begin to delve a bit deeper into what happened to Obi Wan during those long nineteen years, it still won’t cover every day of it. So, for all intents and purposes, Kenobi could still be canon.

A great story full of themes like The Old West, good vs. evil, even a subtle touch of romance, this is a worthwhile read for any fan.

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