5 Things We Could Expect from Star Wars at D23

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3. Another teaser or a full-length trailer for The Force Awakens could be premiered.

This one is a bit tricky to predict. JJ Abrams said at San Diego Comic Con that another trailer would debut this fall; but what does “fall” mean in terms of business? When does the fall season start, according to corporations like Disney and its marketers? Depending on what the answer is, there may be two possibilities: the first, that we may get a third teaser, followed by a full-length trailer later on in the months that are traditionally viewed as “fall” (September, October, and November); or the second, that Disney might see August as the beginning of their “fall” marketing season and start the campaign anew with the final The Force Awakens trailer.

Or we could see neither; there’s no telling at this point.

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