Star Wars: The Force Awakens – New TIE Fighter and Action Figures


More news from the world of Episode VII toys!  Further leakage of the upcoming fleet of action figures has revealed leaked pictures of a customised TIE fighter, and it’s looking pretty awesome from these pics.  More info from Jedi Temple Archives also reveals some upcoming action figure details that look due to be released on Force Friday.

The TIE fighter has had some modifications made to it that looks like it’s gonna pack a punch.  A heavy weapons upgrade has been made to the Imperial class TIE series last seen on screen in Episode VI with gun turrets added to the base of the ship.  The Twin Ion Engines remain giving the fighter the speed and maneuverability famed and praised by the Empire, and this new model has back-to-back cockpit seats similar to the T-47 Snowspeeders from Episode V, meaning the cramped cockpit space has possibly been expanded to fit two people.  There is a small opening at the back of the TIE fighter presumably for the rear-facing passenger to keep an eye on the six, and the classic top opening canopy is still in place with added gunnery on top as well.  The last picture on the Imgur shots appears to have Captain Phasma’s figure standing underneath the TIE, so it could be that it’s Phasma’s own modified fighter much as Vader had his TIE Advanced X1 (it appears to be her piloting the fighter chasing the Falcon at the end of the trailer).

Further reports from Jedi Temple Archives may shed some light on the prices of these upcoming sets along with some more info on other new sets.  We’re going to be seeing some classic action figure sets in the shape of a Star Destroyer play-set, a figure and vehicle assortment and the ever popular Millennium Falcon play-set, all made for the classic 3.75″ figure series.  The website also included a number of pictures taken by the Meijer store in advance of the toys release date, and it looks like we’ll be seeing a mixture of new and old characters and play-sets on Force Friday.  Some newer lines include Snow and Jungle based characters so it looks like we’ll be exploring a myriad of environments in Episode VII.  Here’s the new list from Jedi Temple Archives:

"Episode 7 3.75″ Vehicle Assortment $19.99  Episode 7 6″ Figure Assortment $19.99  Star Wars 7 Figures $19.99  Star Wars Jedi Master Yoda $179.99 (may not be Hasbro related)  Star Wars Episode 7 3.75″ Battle Action Millennium Falcon $139.99  Episode 7 Star Destroyer Playset"

Anticipation continues to build for Episode VII, and with the recent SDCC behind-the-scenes clip and promise of a new trailer at Disney’s D23 next month, the toys and merchandise will start to sell in Space Cruiser loads come Force Friday.  I’ll surely be in line to pick up my new Kylo Ren and First Order Stormtrooper/Flametrooper action figures, and hopefully a new Chewbacca as well!