UPDATE: Possible Lists of Star Wars: The Force Awakens Toys for Force Friday


UPDATE (7/28/15):

Jedi Temple News Archives has also discovered a couple of lists of toys that may be available on Force Friday. A lot of these are vehicles and figure packs, but a few interesting things to note are: a 12-inch Captain Phasma and Star Wars: The Force Awakens Funko POP! figures, and figure packs for a Snow Desert planet and a Jungle planet.

Note: The items in bold on this list are items which Jedi Temple News Archives already knew about. Some of the items, like the Micro Machines Star Destroyer near the end of the list, came from some Star Wars toy descriptions from the Meijers toy store, which Jedi News Archives also reported. That full list from the Meijers report follows the first.

"Star Wars Episode VII Special TIE Fighter $39.99SWE7 Trooper Blue $19.99SWE7 Class I Vehicles $19.99 (probably no figure)SWE7 Class I Vehicles Deluxe $24.99 (this one may come with a figure?) SWE7 Class II Vehicles $29.99 (there are two Class II assortments)SWE7 Class II Vehicles $39.99 (there are two Class II assortments – this one may come with a figure?)SWE7 Class III Vehicles $49.99SWE7 Battle Action Millennium Falcon $139.99SWE7 6″ TIE Fighter $169.99SWE7 6″ Figure Assortment $19.99SWE7 3.75″ Snow Desert Figure Assortment $7.99SWE7 3.75″ Jungle Special Figure $9.99SWE7 3.75″ Mission Series Figures $12.99SWE7 3.75″ 2-Pack Figure $14.99SWE7 3.75″ Armored Figures $12.99SWE7 Millennium Falcon $29.99 (Micro Machines)SWE7 Star Destroyer $39.99 (Micro Machines – from Meijers report)SWE7 12-Inch Captain Phasma $14.99SWE7 Funko POP Figures $9.99"

From Jedi Temple News Archive’s Meijers report:

"Episode 7 3.75″ Vehicle Assortment $19.99Episode 7 6″ Figure Assortment $19.99Star Wars 7 Figures $19.99Star Wars Jedi Master Yoda $179.99 (may not be Hasbro related)Star Wars Episode 7 3.75″ Battle Action Millennium Falcon $139.99Episode 7 Star Destroyer Playset"

Original Report (7/26/15):

The Wolfpack Podcast’s Dan Curto has uncovered a list of what appear to be the Star Wars: The Force Awakens-themed toys that will be released on September 4th, also known as Force Friday. The list features mostly action figures, many of them from Jakks Pacific and Hasbro.

Read it below.

"Jakks Pacific:Lead VillainTrooperCommanderBlack Series 6 Inch:Lead HeroLead HeroLead VillainSidekick AlienVillain TrooperSecondary AlienGangster 1Secondary HeroVillain TrooperSaga Legends Force Awakens:Villain TrooperLead HeroDarth Vader (Episode V)Lead HeroSecondary AlienVillain TrooperJungle Space Lead VillainVillainLuke SkywalkerSecondary VillainHero Tro (Think he means “Trio”)3.75″ Millenium Falcon"

There aren’t a lot of names here, but I think many of them can be deduced from what little we already know. For example, “Lead Villain” presumably refers to Kylo Ren, while the “Lead Hero[es]” are probably Rey and Finn. I would say the secondary hero is Poe Dameron, since we see much less of him than we do the former two of the new threesome. I’m also thinking that “Sidekick Alien” is referring to Maz Kanata, Lupita Nyong’o’s CGI character.

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As for “Villain Trooper,” that could be an action figure of Captain Phasma, or it could just be a First Order Stormtrooper. The “Commander” listed under Jakks Pacific’s action figure line could be General Hux, Domhnall Gleeson’s First Order character, or even a leader from the Resistance; there’s no designation for it or the “Trooper” under the Jakks Pacific portion of the list. The fact that they follow the “Lead Villain,” however, makes me think they’re both affiliated with the First Order.

The “Secondary Alien,” “Gangster 1,” “Jungle Space Lead Villain,” and the simply titled, “Villain” are harder to identify precisely. The first could be the Bullhead alien that is rumored to be a Resistance pilot; “Gangster 1” could be any number of pirates, which we know to be present in this film (Maz Kanata herself is one); “Jungle Space Lead Villain,” however, is wholly a  mystery to me. I can’t even hazard a guess as to who that might be.

The “Villain,” on the other hand, has me thinking of two different people: Kylo Ren, and Supreme Leader Snoke. The reason why I think it might not be Kylo Ren is that it’s not titled “Lead Villain,” but just “Villain.” Farther down that section of the list are, for the first time, the words, “Secondary Villain;” that, I think, is either General Hux or Kylo Ren.

Until this list is confirmed by Disney, we’re not taking it as “official;” but it seems like a legitimate lineup, and worth keeping in mind. I would love for so many of the new characters to be available for purchase on Force Friday. It would make the coming of the movie seem more real, to finally have some of the veil of secrecy surrounding it lifted and the characters more obviously revealed.

Once again, Force Friday is coming September 4th. Set your wallets to “full!”

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