LEGO Set Listing Reveals Name of New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Planet


Via Jedi News: Mint In Box has discovered a listing for a LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens set, which reveals the name of a new planet from the film.

Discover the planet’s name in the listing below (translated from French to English via Google Translate).

"– 2 sets The Force Awakens “Battle on Takodana” and “The Pirate Transport”"

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Of course, we have no idea which of the locations we’ve seen in the trailers and from leaked set photos that “Takodana” pertains to. It could be the home of Maz Kanata and her pirates; it could be where the First Order’s Starkiller base is located; or it could also be the planet that that will use location footage shot at Skellig Michael, where Daisy Ridley and Mark Hamill reportedly filmed scenes.

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Or it could be someplace totally different. We’ll have to wait and watch the movie to find out.

The set listing was accompanied by several other LEGO Star Wars items, all of which will debut in early 2016 according to Mint In Box. Below is the full list.

"In 2016 so we’ll see:– 6 new Microfighters sets including 2 sets The Force Awakens and 4 of Star Wars Rebels (AT-DP, The Ghost, Prototype and TIE Advanced [and] Wookiee Gunship)– 2 sets The Force Awakens “Battle on Takodana” and “The Pirate Transport”– 2 sets Battle Pack The Force Awakens a “Hero” and “Villain”– 2 sets Battle Pack Star Wars Battlefront inspired by video games, Empire and Rebel– 6 new figures Constraction– 4 sets of the [original] trilogy and the prequel trilogy (Attack Hoth, Bespin Carbon Freezing Chamber, Droid Escape Pod, ROTS Obi Wans Jedi Interceptor"

All of these sound like awesome toys. I once said that I probably wouldn’t buy any The Force Awakens LEGO sets, but I may have to change my mind!

Stay tuned to Dork Side of the Force for more updates!

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