DICE Teases New Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay Mode


One of the most potentially divisive aspects of Electronic Arts’ upcoming video game Star Wars Battlefront is the lack of vehicle battles in space. A lot of players were disappointed when it was revealed this feature would not be a part of the game, although EA and the game’s developer, DICE, have been quick to reveal just what kinds of vehicles will still be playable in the game’s planetside environments.

But even though we may not be getting to re-enact the best dogfights from the movies anytime soon, the game’s creatives may have something similar in store for us. The EA Star Wars Facebook page recently shared a teaser photo that depicts an X-Wing with the phrase “Prepare for Takeoff.” It was accompanied by a status update from EA that read “New mode incoming.”

Last week, EA unveiled Blast mode, which is essentially team deathmatch on smaller environments with two teams of 10 players.

This reveal, however, seems to be tied to the game’s vehicle component. Last week, EA said that it would announce a new gameplay mode “soon” that would please fans of the Star Wars: Starfighter game. If this is the same reveal EA teased with the X-Wing image, then it would almost certainly imply some type of vehicle-deathmatch mode.

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We know for sure that players can take control of AT-ATs, AT-STs, the Millennium Falcon, X-Wing, Snow Speeder, Speeder Bike and TIE fighters. Y-Wings will show up in the game as a kill streak to offer bombing support, but they will not be playable. Some of the vehicles, such as the AT-AT, will be set on rails, so you can’t so much control them as hitch a ride on them as you blow stuff up with their weapons.

I would love for a deathmatch mode that relies solely on players’ skill with the vehicles, as the way such ships are usually designed in video games as far as intuitiveness is often overlooked.

It’s unclear when EA is supposed to make this announcement, so stay tuned for more info. Battlefront is out on Nov. 17 on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

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