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Captain Phasma Lunch Bag Found on Amazon


Need someone to guard your lunch and also make your lunch bag the coolest in the galaxy? The First Order is on the case! currently has a listing for a Star Wars lunch bag by Thermos, featuring Captain Phasma in all her caped regalia. The product is currently sold out, but hopefully Amazon will have it restocked by Force Friday (September 4th).

Check out an image of the lunch bag below (via Making Star Wars).

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Captain Phasma looks incredible in this picture (of course, she always looks in every picture I’ve ever seen her in). This particular pose looks “feminine” to me, what with the one hip cocked, and her left arm out like she’s prepared to draw a weapon from her side. She looks ready for anything, and she also looks like she doesn’t give a dewback what you think or do.

Along with Kylo Ren and the Stormtroopers, I think Phasma will be the most popular character from Star Wars: The Force Awakens among consumers, especially children. She’s got the fancy armor and attitude to match Boba Fett (maybe even to surpass him).

The lunch bag is 100% PVC free, has a “[c]omfortable, padded carrying handle,” and “[s]uperior quality closed cell polyethylene foam insulation.” The latter feature means Captain Phasma will be able keep your food fresh in any environment, from the desert wastes of Jakku to the harsh snow-scape of Starkiller Base.

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Look for the lunch bag to become restocked as Force Friday approaches.

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