Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Kylo Ren Featured on EW’s Fall Preview


It’s been quite the week for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. First we had the International — Korean — television spot hit, which provided a new scene, and now, we’ve got Kylo Ren, in all his Sith-like glory gracing the cover of Entertainment Weekly’s Fall Movie Preview.

Here’s a quick rundown on what to expect from the issue which hits stands on Friday, later this week.

"Before signing on to direct, what was the question Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy asked Abrams about the galaxy that made him decide he had to know the answer, even if it meant devising it himself?"

"Who is Adam Driver’s villainous wielder of the crossguard-lightsaber? What is his relationship with Darth Vader … and is Kylo Ren his original name?"

"What was it like on Harrison Ford’s first day back on the clock as Han Solo, when he finally set foot back on the Millennium Falcon after three decades?"

"From whom (or what) does Daisy Ridley’s character Rey rescue the ball-droid BB-8 amid the desolate sands of Jakku?"

"Which cult-horror movie inspired one of the main characters, and what cuddly child’s toy led to the name of another?"

"What are the odds Abrams may come back for Episode IX?"

I’ve got to say, I love it when EW does this with the big shows and films. As a writer for WiCnet (The #1 Game of Thrones super site), I got to dig into their huge four issue spread for that show, which featured loads of inside information and pictures before Season 5 premiered.

So, I can tell you, order this issue now, which you can do HERE, or go to your local news stand on Friday and pick up this issue, because I can guarantee you won’t want to miss all the awesome Star Wars inside information, that EW is known for getting…and hey, with a director known for keeping his cards so close to the vest — like J.J. usually does — this issue is sure to be a treasure trove of secrets.

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