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Covergirl Unveils Collection Inspired by Star Wars: The Force Awakens


In June, we reported leaked pictures of Star Wars: The Force Awakens– themed cosmetics by Covergirl; now, Covergirl is promoting the new collection in full force, with lipsticks, nail polish, and mascara for fangirls to enjoy on any occasion, from lounging at Tosche Station to battling Rebel scum (via Allure).

The lipsticks come in a variety of scintillating colors, allowing you to pick just the right shade for your Star Wars- inspired look.

To further complement the makeup, Covergirl is releasing three different nail polishes: a creamy gray called Speed of Light, a dark plum called Nemesis, and Red Revenge.

Finally, Covergirl offers a line of mascara to complete the look. You can purchase the mascara in a Dark Side theme or a Light Side theme, depending on which character or faction you want to emulate.

Even more interesting than the differing themes are the quotes to be found on each individual mascara bottle. There are ten quotes to collect, some of them familiar and some of them as yet unheard of.

Most of them are classic quotes, such as “Do or do not. There is no try,” “May the Force be with you,” and “You will meet your destiny.” Three of them, however, are apparently from The Force Awakens, as they don’t exist in any of the previous six films.

The new quotes are:

“I will finish what you started.”

“Immune to the Light.”

“There has been an awakening.”

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The last was spoken by Andy Serkis’s character, Supreme Leader Snoke, in the first teaser trailer for The Force Awakens. The other two have not been spoken in any of the footage from Episode VII we’ve seen thus far.

They are certainly intriguing. From “Immune to the Light,” it sounds as if the Light and the Dark Side are going to be pitted against each other as never before, to the point where neither can penetrate the other. “I will finish what you started,” on the other hand, could mean a thousand things. “I will finish…” training Force sensitives? Establishing the rule of the Knights of Ren? Conquering the galaxy? Also, though we know it is said by a villain (both “I will finish what you started” and “Immune to the Light” are included in the bottom row of mascara bottles with other Dark Side quotes), we don’t know which one. It could be Kylo Ren, or Snoke, or General Hux, or even Captain Phasma.

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Next month, Covergirl will be releasing four looks inspired by Episode VII. Based off the leaked pictures from a couple of months ago, I believe these looks will be called Nomad, Sage, Apprentice, and Chrome. For now, check out the Droid and Stormtrooper looks, the first being a play on C-3PO.

All six looks were designed by Pat McGrath, Covergirl’s global creative design director.

As a fangirl, I’m excited about this Star Wars makeup collection. As I said when the first pictures leaked, it’s clear that Star Wars is branching out to include more of the female demographic, as it should. After all, some of the beset parts of Star Wars are the makeup and the costumes; a special line of makeup will help cosplayers, or even just everyday fans, to achieve their favorite looks, be they inspired by the heroes or the villains of the saga.

Covergirl has not given a date for the release of the collection.

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