D23 Expo 2015: A Star Wars Fan’s Guide

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Star Wars Land Coming to Disney Theme Parks?

My guess is that this may end up being the most important announcement for the Star Wars universe at the D23 Expo. There have been plenty of rumblings about Disney’s plans to incorporate Star Wars into its theme parks, but no official announcements yet for the parks, at least as far as the ones in the States.

The Mouse is planning for an area in its Shanghai Disneyland resort in China called the Star Wars Launch Bay, which will function as an interactive museum with props and models from The Force Awakens.

According to a recent report, Disney may be co-opting that idea for its Disneyland park as a preview section for something called Star Wars Land. That will reportedly be a themed area to the north of Disneyland to hold all of its upcoming Star Wars attractions. These same plans could also be implemented for Disney World in Orlando, which I think is more likely.

But it should also be noted that Disney CEO reportedly wants to make sure all the rides are associated with the sequel trilogy, instead of being focused on the released films. This makes plenty of sense if the park wants to stay fresh and appeal to the newest generation of Star Wars fans.

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