Star Wars: The Force Awakens Toy Leaks Surfacing Online


We are roughly three weeks away from Force Friday — September 4 — when the Journey to the Force Awakens begins and Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys and books go on sale to the public, for the first time. As is usual in these instances, when a highly secretive and anticipated film is about to begin its marketing campaign, leaked photos of collectible figures and toys begin to surface online. What normally happens is, store employees are paid by an unscrupulous collector to steal some of these toys fresh off the delivery truck, which are then turned around and sold on sites like Ebay, where the price in greatly inflated.

Allow me to be clear, Dork Side of the Force does not condone this type of action. It is illegal and can actually hurt sales numbers for not just the larger toy store chains, but also the smaller businesses like your town’s mom-and-pop-owned comic book and collectibles shop. In the end, the only winner in this scenario is the aforementioned unscrupulous collector who will undoubtedly sell that pilfered merchandise for quite the hefty sum.

In that regard, there are some Star Wars: The Force Awakens figures from toymaker Hasbro, which have surfaced on Twitter today. We won’t show you those pictures, but they can be found on Twitter user Chuck Dukas‘ account, who is a self-described Star Wars toy collector. There is also an Imgur album of a myriad of 3.75″ figures that have been leaked, as well.

From what we can see in the photos, Captain Phasma — which sold on ebay for $125, Kylo Ren — which sold for $99, Finn, and a new character named Constable Zuvio have been revealed. Again, these are not official releases from Hasbro. All new The Force Awakens merchandise will be available on September 4.

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