Star Wars: The Force Awakens Lego Set Trailer Debuts


It’s kind of weird when detailed information about a blockbuster film is leaked in the form of Lego toys. And yet, the blocky figurines have served as the source of several rumors and hints about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, from what characters may be appearing to the ships featured in the film.

Now, Lego finally gets its own spotlight. A trailer for the upcoming set of toys based on The Force Awakens has debuted. It offers a quick glimpse at some ships and figurines you can build and own, ahead of the merchandise blitz of Force Friday this coming week, although this set won’t be available until December presumably.

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The trailer, which you can watch above, depicts Kylo Ren and his lackeys chasing after the BB-8 droid, eventually turning into an aerial pursuit between Poe Dameron’s black X-Wing and Ren’s personal shuttle. It’s pretty cool to see the Kylo Ren figure (yes, he does wield the crossguard lightsaber), and we get a more complete view of his ship that was briefly seen in the second trailer.

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I assume BB-8 is a figure as well, although it’s unclear if he’ll be some special version, since he has no legs like the other characters. As a few other outlets have pointed out, the trailer also features the first official example of what BB-8 sounds like.

Although he does make noises in the film’s trailers, those were most likely unfinalized placeholders. It’s not much different from R2-D2. It sounds a little more hurried and scrambled, which I suppose fits BB-8’s hyperactive nature from what we’ve seen.

From what leaks we’ve seen previously, there are a few other ships that will be included, such as the new Millennium Falcon, Rey’s Speeder, a First Order Snowspeeder, a First Order TIE Fighter, and a First Order Transporter. Although images of the sets leaked last week, Lego made sure to take most of them down. Still no word on pricing, either.

For now, you’ll have to satisfy your Star Wars toy craving by participating in the Force Friday pandemonium, which includes watching other people unbox Star Wars toys across the world (seriously). December still feels a long ways away.

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