When Will Limited Edition Darth Vader PS4 Begin Pre Order?


Star Wars Battlefront is being released in two months, but when will the limited edition Darth Vader PS4 go on sale?

If you have been following Star Wars at all this past month — and we all know you have been because you’re here — then you’ve become aware of the limited edition Darth Vader PS4 that Sony will be selling n conjunction with the release of Star Wars: Battlefront.

It’s an item that is expected to fly off the shelves, assuming it even reaches that stage of retail. Fans are already lining up for the pre order sale of the console, but the only problem about that is we don’t know when the pre orders will start in America. While no official announcement has been made, we might have been given a clue thanks to Star Wars fans in England.

As you can see, the console is already available for pre order in the UK, as Amazon has it listed at just under 400 pounds — a price that will make American gamers a little nervous about what the price will be here when pre orders begin.

This helps answer the price question, a little, but it doesn’t really help give us an answer as to when we can expect to see the Darth Vader console go up for pre order. It’s no doubt something that all Star Wars fans are looking for, and it’s going to be a hot item whenever it comes out.

As far as the price is concerned, don’t get too worried about the console costing you over $600 when it hits the market. Prices in the UK are usually higher than what they are in America and for comparison we can look at the Batman: Arkham Knight limited edition console that ended up costing over $400 but nowhere near $600.

That’s what we can look at as far as a price for the console, but we’re still going to be in the dark for a while when it comes to a pre order.

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