Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Trailer and Description


Earlier this summer at the E3 conference, Electronic Arts revealed an upcoming RPG mobile game called Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. At the time, however, we weren’t given a clear vision of what the game would look like, or even when it would be released.

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That changed today. Check out the gameplay video of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes below.

From the Electronic Arts press release:

"Bringing the epic scope of the Star Wars™ universe to your mobile device, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is an RPG-style turn based mobile game that lets you collect your favorite Star Wars heroes to build the ultimate team. Fight on the light and dark side in iconic Star Wars locations including Hoth, Bespin, Tatooine, Geonosis and beyond. Strategically use each character’s unique special attacks to conquer opponents. From Darth Sidious’s Force Lightning to Chewbacca’s Wookiee Rage, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes lets you make your champions more powerful than any enemy has ever imagined!"

Obviously, the game includes heroes, villains, and locations from both Star Wars trilogies. Therefore, it might not be jumping the bowcaster to presume that we’ll be seeing a Star Wars: The Force Awakens expansion update for Galaxy of Heroes following the film’s release date in December. In fact, with the game’s release date being a vague “holiday season 2015,” we might not have to wait long for such an expansion (if we have to wait at all).

This game could be a lot of fun, given that it capitalizes on pretty much every fan’s favorite aspect of the films: the characters. Considering the player’s ability to collect characters and explore locations spanning the entire saga, I think we can assume that the game has no canon storyline. In that way, it reminds me of the Jedi Academy video game, or Battlefront II, in which you could play as different heroes and villains from Star Wars and pit them against each other in obviously non-canon, but very fun brawls.

Keep reading Dork Side for more Star Wars video game updates, and look for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes on Google Play and the Apple App Store later this year.

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