Force Friday: Everything a Star Wars Fan Needs to Know

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If the Dec. 18 release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens is akin to the Second Coming for Star Wars fans, think of Sept. 4 as the preceding apocalypse, when the true believers are tested and all hell breaks loose.

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That’s not to say that Force Friday, the date Disney launches its blitzkrieg of Star Wars merchandise that it’s been steadily building anticipation for for months, won’t be fun. When the numerous shops and online stores open for business at midnight, there will be something available for all types of Star Wars fans, from novels and compendiums to toys and clothing, almost all of it directed toward making you drool for more The Force Awakens tidbits.

Just as chaos and confusion ruled the galaxy after the fall of Palpatine (which, coincidentally, you can learn more about thanks to one of the books coming out this Friday), it’s going to be pandemonium at the end of this week, and naturally, it can be tough for a fan to plan how they’re going to tackle the event.

That’s where we come in. We’ve compiled a compact but thorough guide to what products will be available on Force Friday. So before you get trampled at your nearest retailer or attempt to force-choke your fellow shoppers, take a gander and see if you can avoid any messy confrontations by mapping out your plan of attack ahead of time.

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