Here’s a look at the new Star Wars timeline from ‘Aftermath’ (Photo)


With just months to go until The Force Awakens, we are getting a better look at the new timeline of what’s cannon and what’s not.

The Force Awakens is just months way from release, and the hype continues to build as we’re set to get a brand new era of Star Wars. As we’ve found out over the last few years, this means some ret-conning on the existing cannon of books and comics that have been published over the years. As such, there’s a new timeline that has been established by Disney and we’re now seeing just what that all entails.

We knew that there wouldn’t be a whole lot of previous material cobbled into the new timeline, but the first look at the timeline included in the upcoming book Aftermath shows us just how little is included in the new continuity of Star Wars.

Take a look for yourself:

So — basically everything didn’t count.

Look, we knew this was going to be the case and it’s exciting that we have so much new Star Wars material to discover. But it’s also a reminder of how much we’ve already discovered that hasn’t been ported over to this new continuity. Basically anything that isn’t the movies hasn’t been brought over — something we knew was the case but hate being reminded of.

While it sucks that stories like the Thrawn Trilogy and others are only going to be inspiration for the new Star Wars timeline, it still offers us the opportunity to discover Star Wars again, which is something that helped us all fall in love with the old ‘Legends’ continuity in the first place. Aftermath is going to be a thrilling ride, and it’s going to be our first real dive into this new era of continuity for Star Wars.

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