TMZ Releases a Bevy of Star Wars Rogue One Set Photo Leaks



TMZ has just revealed a plethora of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (I still hate saying that, why couldn’t we keep the ‘Anthology’?) filming set photos, and they reveal a lot of spoilers, so be wary beyond this point, because while we won’t show any of the photos ourselves — mainly because I’m sure Disney/Lucasfilm will issue a removal order for them very shortly — most of our readers do not want to know every miniscule detail of the film before it hits theaters. However, I will describe them and if you wish, you can go to TMZ and see the photos for yourself.

  • The photos start out with what appears to be a Y-Wing crash site. If you remember, the Y wings were instrumental in taking down the Death Star, and Rogue One is all about how the rebels steal the plans to the first Death Star.
  • The next set of photos show the bodies of Stormtroopers laying about. They appear as if they either were shot around the Y-Wing crash site, or perhaps were part of the crash from their own ship. If I had to hazard a guess, I would say they were awaiting the pilot of the Y-Wing to exit the crash, but were ambushed.
  • Next we have a bunker which appears to be on a desert planet. Now, I feel it’s important to mention here that all the pictures seem to be taken in a desert location, so whatever is happening, the Rebels or the Imperials have a base of operations in a tropical or desert planet.
  • Finally we have what looks like a contingent of Rebels milling about the previously mentioned bunker. Whether they take over that bunker from the Imperials or it’s their base of operations, is anyone’s guess.

All of this is exciting news, and as I said, I fully expect the photos to be taken down very soon, so if you want to see them, you had better get over to TMZ and get your peek. Rogue One hits theaters December of 2016.

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