Star Wars Rebels: More Season 2 Episode Titles Revealed


Dave Filoni and Simon Kinberg, the showrunners of Star Wars: Rebels, have pointed out plenty of times that Season 2 will go in a much darker direction, likening it to The Empire Strikes Back. But we’ve also gotten plenty of clues that the sophomore run of the series will grow expansive and begin to interact with the other elements of the grander Star Wars mythology.

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The unveiling of two more titles of Season 2 episodes appears to support this idea. While Rebels technically returned in April with a closed-doors premiere of the two-parter “The Siege of Lothal,” Season 2 officially kicks off on Oct. 14 with “The Lost Commanders,” which will also debut with another episode at an exclusive airing at New York Comic-Con on Oct. 8.

That episode has been officially named as “Relics of the Old Republic.” It will broadcast nationally on Disney XD on Oct. 21.

Meanwhile, episode three is titled “Always Two There Are,” and will air on Oct. 28.

The names of these episodes hint at two of the bigger storylines Rebels will focus on this year.

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First, based on the snippets we’ve seen of “The Lost Commanders,” we know that Kanan, Ezra and the crew of the Ghost will be meeting up with the surviving clones from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the Cartoon Network animated series. Episode 2’s title, “Relics of the Old Republic,” makes it seem that the clones will be assisting the Ghost crew in retrieving artifacts of some kind dating back to before the rise of the Empire.

It seems likely that whatever these objects are, we have seen them before on The Clone Wars. It seems natural for this new show to tie into its spiritual predecessor, and Filoni is building on the mythology he painstakingly developed on the older series.

Now, Episode 3’s title, “Always Two There Are,” clearly refers to the Sith’s Rule of Two. I would guess that this is the episode where the new Sith Inquisitors appear. Filoni confirmed in a special feature of the Rebels Season 1 Blu-Ray that the Inquisitor who died in Season 1 was the head honcho, and the new inquisitors that pop up this season were his subordinates.

We’ve only gotten brief glimpses of two of these Inquisitors, including one who is a female. There has been speculation that the female Inquisitor may be Barriss Offee, the missing apprentice of Jedi Luminara Unduli who appeared in The Clone Wars. Unduli was confirmed to be dead in the Rebels Season 1 episode “Rise of the Old Masters.”

Season 2 will consist of 20 episodes (not including “The Siege of Lothal”), so expect more episode titles (and more speculation) to surface ahead of the show’s return on Oct. 14.

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