6 New Planets Introduced by Marvel’s Star Wars Comics

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Out of all of the absurd elements of the Star Wars universe, from ships capable of traveling at lightspeed across vast distances to telepathic warriors wielding incredibly dangerous laser swords, nothing is more improbable than the planetary settings that we’ve seen throughout the series.

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Some of them make plenty of sense and bear similarities to our own planet, like Coruscant, a planet covered entirely by skyscrapers and temples and senate buildings. But most of them fly in the face of basic astronomy. How exactly is a planet covered entirely only in forest or ice and no other topographical feature? Can people really live on Tatooine and not burn to death by its twin suns?

But even if these places don’t hold up to scientific scrutiny, there’s no denying that part of the reason Star Wars is so memorable is because its settings were vividly, painstakingly brought to life by the filmmakers. Even the prequels managed to get this right. Is there anyone here who wasn’t blown away by the Gungan city underneath the waters of Naboo when it first appeared on screen?

Just like our own universe, Star Wars is expanding almost everyday, introducing so many new planets that someone already went and created a map for them. While the upcoming films and the TV show Star Wars Rebels are making their own contributions to the canon, probably the biggest additions in this department have come from Marvel’s various comics.

Since the issues aren’t bound to explore a single era, there’s been plenty of planet-hopping among the various titles, and while we’ve been getting fresh looks at old hangouts like Tatooine and Naboo, some new planets have also entered our orbit. Check out these new additions to the Star Wars canon in the following gallery.

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