Star Wars on Netflix: All six movies or Rebels Season 1?


There is a rumor going around that Star Wars movies might be heading to Netflix, but would you rather have all six movies or the entire Rebels TV series?

With the rumor this past week that all six Star Wars movies might be coming to Netflix in the near future, fans everywhere are looking forward to the possibility of streaming the sag in continuous form over and over again. This is something that might come in handy on the May Fourth, but is it really at the top of our Star Wars streaming list?

The Jedi Council convened to discuss whether we’d rather see all of the movies on Netflix or the entire first season of Star Wars Rebels and which one is more important for fans to have access to.

Razor: All episodes of Rebels because I have the movies on Blu-Ray and I enjoy the story of Rebels so much because it’s new and refreshing. I also really like the fact that Ezra has the potential to become really powerful in the Dark or Light side, which was shown close to the finale of Season 1. I sincerely hope he isn’t a cut and dried, vanilla hero like the old days, but more of this gray type hero that J.J. Abrams said Kathleen Kennedy hooked him with, when she got him on board to do The Force Awakens. Plus, where is Ezra now? Is he alive in the The Force Awakens era? There are so many questions that Rebels can help answer and help bridge from the prequels to the original trilogy, to the new trilogy…I consider Star Wars Rebels essential in the building of the new Star Wars canon.

Elaine: I’m with David on this one. I would rather have all of the episodes of Star Wars Rebels on Netflix; 1) because I (and probably most Star Wars fans) already have all six films on home video, and 2) because it would get the show out to a broader range of viewers and hopefully get them interested enough that they will want to watch season two as it’s premiering on Disney XD this fall (thereby boosting ratings and guaranteeing a better chance of more seasons).

Josh: I agree with everyone. While the movies coming to Netflix would be a really cool idea in theory, we all own them already and those who haven’t seen them have way to access the films without them being on Netflix. As for Rebels, that’s really a foray into the new cannon that’s being established and it’s important for everyone to get all of the story the way that the new cannon intends. It’s also a cracking good show and is right up there with Clone Wars as far as having something for all ages and being n entry way into the Star Wars universe. The movies would be cool but they aren’t stepping stones to the story the way Rebels is and it’s something that appeals to a wider audience as both newbies to the universe can enjoy it as much as those of us in need of a Star Wars fix.

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