Star Wars Rebels Gets Official U.S. Magazine


The cast of Star Wars Rebels has already made the jump from TV to video games and card decks. Now, they’re making a leap onto the printed page, too.

The official Star Wars site announced that the show is getting its own official magazine, with the first issue due out in October. Published by Titan Magazines, the same company that publishes Star Wars Insider magazine, the Rebels version will be composed of 52 pages of content directly tying into the Disney XD show.

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It’s unclear how often the magazine will publish. But each issue will include the usual bells and whistles: games, episode guides, posters, etc. However, there will also be an original Rebels comic story in the pages of each issues, potentially opening up a brand new area of canon that fans can dive into.

Disney previewed the cover and a few pages of the first issue, including the comic. The first issue publishes on Oct. 20, less than a week after the second season of the show premieres on Oct. 14.

We may find out more information about the magazine at New York Comic-Con next week, where the Rebels cast and crew will have a significant presence. Sarah Michelle Gellar recently confirmed she’ll be joining the cast for a panel on Oct. 8, and the first two episodes of Season 2 will also be debuting there exclusively.

It’s important to note that there is another Star Wars Rebels Magazine that launched in the United Kingdom at the beginning of the year.

I’m hesitant to shell out money for bonus content like this, especially since I intend to keep up with the show when it returns to air. Also, judging by the similar covers and art, I’m wondering if this is just the U.K. edition repackaged for an American audience, which would be a cheap move on Disney’s part.

Who knows, the issues may include some Easter eggs about upcoming episodes or even interviews with certain cast members, which would make them worth getting as well. Either way, it’s clear Disney doesn’t intend for the Ghost crew to retire anytime soon.

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