Korean Star Wars Web Comic Debuts in U.S.


From Korea-based LINE Webtoons comes a Star Wars story like no other. This special scrolling comic begins with the history of Luke Skywalker from his childhood on Tatooine and continuing on through the fateful events of A New Hope.

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"“Our fans in the United States are in for something special as they now have a chance to dive into the epic Star Wars story in a totally new way, only on LINE Webtoon,” said JunKoo Kim, Founder and Head of LINE Webtoon. “This immersive digital comic experience offers a brand new experience for Star Wars fans and perfectly showcases the appeal of our digital storytelling format.”"

The comic was created by Hong Jacga, a comic artist in Korea and famous for works like Hwa Ja, Dorothy Band, and The Cat Funeral. Jacga renders Luke’s story in a unique and beautiful style, encapsulating the whimsical spirit of the space opera that Star Wars has always possessed.

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The comic also has its own distinctive format. Instead of moving through pages of panels from left to right, you view the story by scrolling down through vertical panels.

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I’ve read the first chapter of this story, and I can tell you that its perspective in Luke is compelling, and its artwork an exotic, even refreshing departure from the art styles we’ve been used to seeing from Marvel’s Star Wars comic series. It’s well worth reading, especially if you’re interested in reconnecting to that whimsical spirit of the space opera I mentioned earlier. Jacga’s style captures that whole other aspect of Star Wars, the one that sometimes gets lost in the space adventures and technological jargon of other literature in the franchise.

You can access the comic by going to the Webtoons site, or by downloading the official LINE Webtoons app through the Apple Store or Google Play.

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