Alan Tudyk Explains Why He Almost Turned Down Rogue One


Alan Tudyk was rumored to be in Star Wars: Rogue One, but almost turned down what could have been a massive role — he has explained why. 

Over the summer, we heard a number of actors rumored to be involved in talks for roles in the upcoming anthology film Rogue One, but not everyone who was offered a role in the film joined rank. In fact, Alan Tudyk was a name that many Star Wars fans got excited about when they heard he was reportedly offered a role in Rogue One. 

While we were all excited about Tudyk in the film, he initially refused the offer to appear in the film but has finally offered up an explanation as to why.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Tudyk explained why he almost turned down a role in Rogue One that director Gareth Edwards reportedly offered to him on the spot.

"“[Gareth Edwards] offered it to me in the room – it didn’t seem real. I said, ‘I would love to say yes, but it is contingent on one thing. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but if you’re shooting in June, I have to say no’ – because that’s when we were shooting Con Man, and I couldn’t figure out how to reschedule it.”"

It would have been unfortunate if Tudyk had to turn the role down in Rogue One but you have to appreciate the fact that he’s willing to stick to his guns when it comes to something he’s already committed to.

Of course, this could have ended up being a huge mistake, as Tudyk is passing up a role in Star Wars to commit to his web series — something that seems minuscule in the face of something as massive as Star Wars.

That being said, Tudyk is out there standing by his art and his passion which has to be appreciated.

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