Rumor: Did This Major Force Awakens Spoiler Just Accidentally Get Revealed?


We are a month or so out from the release of The Force Awakens, but did a major spoiler just accidentally get revealed?

Star Wars fans have around two months to go before we finally get to see The Force Awakens but we might have just had a major spoiler revealed well ahead of the release of the film.

If you do’t want to know the potential spoiler — which may or may not be anywhere remotely so to the truth — then stop here and try to avoid anything on Google that involves Star Wars and trading cards. That’s all I’ll say to try and preserve your Force Awakens virginity as much as possible. For those who want the latest dish, scroll on down.

Alright, you’ve been warned — Ackbar doesn’t lie.

For what it’s worth, this isn’t a confirmed spoiler but it certainly has all the makings of being a major reveal that has happened months before the movie hits theaters. The spoiler involves the upcoming trading card set for The Force Awakens, specially the one for Rey.

All this while, we’ve been wondering who the Skywalker will be — or better yet who the next young Jedi the story will focus on will be. Everything we’ve seen and assumed has led us to believe that this is going to be Finn. But the trading card spoiler seems to suggest that Finn isn’t a Jedi and instead this is going to be Rey.

What the above image seems to indicate — if authentic — is that Rey is a Jedi and is force sensitive. It’s possible that this is a doctored image or that they’re inauthentic, but it’s pretty hard evidence in favor of the theory that Rey is related to Han and Leia Solo.

This trading card rumor plays into the theory that Rey is going to find out that Han Solo is her father and that Han sacrifices himself at the end of the film — a al Obi-Wan in A New Hope — to save his daughter. If Han is her father, than logically Leia is her mother which makes Luke her uncle. Taking this rumor a step further, there are those who believe that Kylo Ren is also the offspring of the Solo’s, meaning we could have the Luke-Vader family theme from the original trilogy revisited in a way if brother and sister are on the opposite sides of The Force.

This is all conjecture and rumor, but it seems to be the most concrete evidence we’ve seen yet that Rey is a Jedi and Kylo might be her brother.

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