Star Wars Rebels: Voice of the Fifth Brother Revealed


While Sarah Michelle Gellar has taken the spotlight the past few weeks for her role as the voice of Star Wars Rebels‘s Seventh Sister, the Fifth Brother is done staying in the shadows.

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On Twitter earlier today, Philip Anthony-Rodriguez (The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Metal Gear) announced he is the voice of the Fifth Brother. While the news has not been officially confirmed by Disney or Lucasfilm, it’s worth noting Anthony-Rodriguez is followed by Lucasfilm Publicist Tracy Connobbio and continuity expert Leland Chee. An official announcement is likely not far away.

You can get an idea of what the Fifth Brother may sound like in Rebels from a snippet of Anthony-Rodriguez’s work on Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance below.

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While it’s clear that both Inquisitors are going to be a challenge for The Ghost crew (or at least Kanan and Ezra), the Fifth Brother is shaping up to be more of the “muscle” figure in the Inquisitor duo. In the most recent trailer for season two, for example, the Seventh Sister monopolized the conversation while her male counterpart has remained, for the most part, silent in all the recent footage. Even his hulking, rock-like physique suggests that the power he brings to his Inquisitorship is physical, while the power Seventh Sister exudes is more cunning, and more dangerous.

But Star Wars Rebels has surprised us before. There’s no reason why the Fifth Brother can’t have brains as well as brawn; that is to say, he may turn out to be just as clever and tactical as his Inquisitor Sister and their predecessor from season one.

One thing is certain: Even if the Fifth Brother turns out to be nothing but “the muscle,” there’s no doubt he has the chops to be a terrifying enemy. Congratulations to Anthony-Rodriguez for landing such an awesome role.

Video from Disney XD.

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