The Force Awakens Won’t Be As Long As We Thought


Earlier this week we heard about The Force Awakens getting a three hour run time, but that has since been amended. 

It was looking like the cut we will see in theaters of The Force Awakens would be the longest Star Wars film ever made. Traditionally, Star Wars films run about two-and-a-half hours, but AMC Theaters was reporting a three hour-plus runtime on The Force Awakens that got us all excited for what might be in store for us.

It appears that AMC Theaters has updated the runtime, which is now back to a more believable two hours and 23 minutes.

While it would be cool to get a cut of The Force Awakens that was over three hours long, it’s not going to happen theatrically. It just doesn’t make fiscal sense for Disney to have a there hour cut of a film we’re all going to see anyways. It all comes down to the amount of times you can show the film in theaters on a given day and a cut of Star Wars that is a tick over two hours as opposed to a tick over three could mean the difference in millions of dollars of box office revenue.

That being said, if there is indeed a three hour long cut of Star Wars, we might be able to see that released on the Blu-ray of Star Wars as Disney takes over the home video business of things with this film.

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