Marvel Star Wars: Lando #2 Review


We review Lando #2 the second Marvel comic focused on the smooth talking scoundrel of Bespin, Lando Calrissian.


When we last saw Lando he was teamed up with Lobot, a pig midget with a beard, and two ninja Thundercats that don’t talk to steal a luxury yacht from an imperial shipyards.

Uh Oh, here comes three Star Destroyers! It’s another homage to Empire and another look how similar Lando is to Han Solo. I get it, everyone loves Han Solo, but I love Lando too. LANDO IS HIS OWN MAN DANG IT!

Lando and his company of favorites do some tricky flying, the ship seems to be weirdly physic like a Google car, and they escape the Star Destroyers! The Star Destroyers run into each other because they are big and sluggish and people who failed the Emperor die, pretty standard Star Wars stuff.

We are then introduced to a rocket booted bounty hunter in a mask who is to Boba Fett what Lando is to Han. Again I’m frustrated feeling like this comic is just about the Star Wars B team.

The ship is full of art and super special and oh did I mention it belongs to the Emperor so any moment now things are going to go super Sith bad aren’t they? Yep. Lobot gets stabbed by some of the Emperor’s Red Guards who were hanging out in the central chamber of the ship.

I have to give this issue a C. It’s certainly a step down from the exciting pace of the last issue and the fact is that Lando’s talents don’t shine in this kind of situation. He’s not talking his way out of anything, he’s not charming anyone, he’s just hanging out on a super Sith ship in space. (Not to mention the B team Boba Fett.)

Is Lando #2 worth your $3.99? Yes, but only because you want to get to Lando #3.

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