Daisy Ridley Reacts To New Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer (Video)


The new Force Awakens trailer premiered on ESPN tonight, and Daisy Ridley’s reaction to the footage is almost as good as the trailer. 

If you were living under a rock on Monday night, you probably still managed to find a way to watch the trailer that the entire world was and still is talking about. ESPN debuted the final theatrical trailer for Star Wars The Force Awakens and it set the internet ablaze with excitement and reaction.

But even people who were in the film we’re all freaking out about found a way to react to the new footage we all saw. Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey in the movie, was one of those people and her excitement level is right up there with the rest of us.

Ridley filmed her reaction to the new The Force Awakens trailer — and it’s perfection.

Not only is this proof that the actors in the film are finding ways to experience the movie with virgin eyes, but it’s just a really cool and honest moment. We have to remember that of all the cast members in The Force Awakens, Ridley is a newbie in ever sense of  the word as this is her first major film role.

So while she may be in the biggest film of the year, she is experiencing with the same awe as the rest of us — which is cool.

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