John Boyega is a HUGE Star Wars fan


As a die-hard fan of Star Wars, there is nothing better than seeing the stars of the films really embracing their roles in the saga. Whether it’s Mark Hamill passionately talking about Luke being open to the Dark Side of the Force, or if it’s Daisy Ridley watching the latest trailer in bed, and crying uncontrollably, these moments serve to endear these actors to the fanbase. This is where John Boyega — who portrays Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens — fits in. From the moment he was announced as part of the cast, Boyega has been like a kid at a candy store, and has embraced the madness and fun that is Star Wars fandom with a level of enthusiasm, that has quickly made him a fan favorite.

You’ve got to love how Boyega’s excitement throughout the trailer is basically a slow-burn. It slowly builds from nodding his head, and then continues with comments like  “Come on Solo” when Harrison Ford pops up on screen. You can see the anticipation on his face as he recognizes the scenes that quickly flash bye: Finn and Poe passing each other at the Resistance base, brings a smile to his face.

And, then it happens — the ending of the trailer — and Finn ignites Luke Skywalker’s blue lightsaber and Kylo Ren bears down on the former First Order stormtrooper with his own unique crossguard lightsaber…and Boyega loses it. I love this guy, and I sincerely hope he is in all three of the sequels, as well as a few spinoffs.

That’s not the only video of Boyega that is floating around the vast abyss of the internet. Website Nylon has produced a cute little skit with the actor, where he pretends to be a big-shot star, signing an autograph, yet when he has to dig for a pen, it’s revealed that he just like the rest of us…a super-fan. There aren’t any embedding options, so you’ll have to click this link HERE to visit the site and watch the video, but I highly recommend it, as it’s absolutely delightful.

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