Star Wars: The Force Awakens Weekend News Roundup


We entered the month of November, over the weekend, and with it came loads of new Star Wars: The Force Awakens news. We are now one month and 16 days away from the worldwide premiere of Episode VII, and the actors have begun to come out of seclusion to do interviews and press junkets for the film. Hold on folks, the ride is just getting started.

We start with Game of Thrones actress Gwendoline Christie, who talked to Entertainment Weekly about her character in The Force Awakens, Captain Phasma.

"“We know very little about her at this stage, but what I think people are drawn to is that this is a very progressive female character, we see Captain Phasma, and we see the costume from head to toe, and we know that it is a woman. But we are used to, in our media, connecting to female characters via the way that they look, from the way they are made flesh.”"

Seeing as how Christie will be portraying Star Wars‘ very first on-screen live-action female villain, I think it was an excellent choice to put her in armor that was not sculpted to her female form. In this day and age, when fans of all genres are calling for strong female leads, having a female lead villain in chrome armor that’s literally indistinguishable from the men of her First Order regiment, is a bold and progressive choice.

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Next, our friends at Making Star Wars has some neat new photos of some of our old pals from the Original and Prequel trilogies — the droids — as well as some new faces, via Star Wars Cheerios boxes. You can head over to MSW to see those photos by clicking the link provided, but here’s C-3PO with that now infamous red arm, we told you about a few months ago.

That’s it for now, we will keep you posted as more news and information from Star Wars: The Force Awakens pops up. Episode VII will premiere worldwide on December 18.