Daisy Ridley on Rey’s Role in The Force Awakens


Daisy Ridley and John Boyega are enjoying the limelight (deservedly), and doing loads of new interviews and press junkets for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We just reported on Boyega’s interview with The Hollywood Reporter, and now we’ve got Daisy’s to match her co-star. Speaking with THR, Ridley talks about everything that has come from being in one of the biggest film franchises in the world, to being a prankster on set, to having anxiety over acting in such a large film, and she talks about her friendship with John.

So they took Harrison Ford’s golf cart, while on set? Wow, that’s quite brave. We also find out that Daisy’s nickname is Peanut, given to her from Boyega (these two are extremely cute together), and that they sing together on set, as well as Daisy being a strong person…she can lift, bro. Then we’ve got Daisy talking about Rey’s story. Check it out:

Daisy begins the film alone, which we all knew, and she is a strong character. We also find out that while Ridley had seen the Original Trilogy, she was not a huge fan of the series until being cast in The Force Awakens. There have been many rumors that the character of Rey will in fact be Luke Skywalker’s long-lost daughter, and that the two will be reunited by the end of the film, but whether that’s actually true or not, Ridley is keeping that secret.

I like that the actress is keeping Rey’s story close to the vest, as it were, and I also appreciate that respect she has for the original cast members like Carrie Fisher. It’s neat to hear her talk about worrying whether she could fill the shoes of Princess Leia…well, hopefully she will have a different pair of boots to fill — Jedi boots.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens early screening on December 17, while the worldwide premiere is the following day on December 18.