John Boyega discusses being the new face of Star Wars


John Boyega — who will portray Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens — has been rather busy this week. Just yesterday, the actor delighted Star Wars fans by teasing a special surprise that turned out to be the first of five The Force Awakens character posters. Boyega has also been lighting up the interview circuit, with websites like CNET, The Hollywood Reporter, and French website Premiere. We start with John’s interview with CNET, in which the young actor is lauded as the new face of Star Wars.

When asked about being the first character shown to fans, from the very first teaser, Boyega had this to say:

"“I think Finn is a very interesting character. Finn is going to represent that classic “Star Wars” story and that classic “Star Wars” narrative. We have all these new characters coming in, but Finn is going to be one of the characters that carries on the narrative that we all know from the original.”"

I’ve got to say, that’s exactly what I was thinking when I watched the third and final Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. From his Americanized accent, to the obvious journey and change from a stormtrooper for the First Order, to a seemingly good guy who hangs out with Han Solo and Chewbacca, and Daisy Ridley’s Rey — before igniting a blue lightsaber to battle Kylo Ren — Finn looks to be seriously carrying the story. As much as I am interested in Rey’s possible connection to Luke Skywalker, and then Kylo Ren’s mysterious identity and past, and even where Luke himself is, I want to know more about Finn.

Next we take a look at an interview that The Hollywood Reporter held with Boyega. As you’ll see, there is a lot of posing for photos, but Boyega does describe Finn’s story.

I find it highly interesting and extremely cool that Boyega has a friendship with Robert Downey Junior, and that he constantly turns to the Iron Man star for advice. THR asked the actor if he had any trepidation about acting in a Star Wars movie, especially since Jake Lloyd (young Anakin Skywalker) and Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker) were basically vilified and considered to have had their lives and careers ruined after the Prequel Trilogy. Boyega says he didn’t hesitate, and that there was zero trepidation. He also had this to say:

Photo Credit: CNET

"“In terms of it being a failure for some actors and all that stuff, it’s been a long time since the last Star Wars movie came out. I haven’t been scared with the risks and all that stuff. As an actor I wanted to do a great, great piece. As a fan as well.”"

As a fan of Star Wars, it’s reassuring to see the actors in the new trilogy, take their role in the saga this serious, while still willing to have fun with it…it only serves to endear fans to them even more. Finally, we have an interview that Boyega did with French website Premiere, in which the actor talks about how his father’s work as a Pastor helped with his acting.

"“Actually yes, I believe. I always say it’s like Obi-wan Kenobi have for dad (laughs). You know, father an easy-going, sweet, who was very attached to the spiritual dimension of life … His mentor side, teacher, accompanies me every day.”"

You’ll have to forgive my Google translate of that French piece, but I think you get the basic gist of what Boyega is saying. I think it’s neat that his father was his Obi-Wan figure. Premiere tries very hard to wriggle information out of Boyega. For instance, they ask if he’s signed on for Episodes VIII and IX, to which John replies that he’s focused on The Force Awakens. They also as about the lightsaber, and the fact that Samuel Jackson got to pick a purple color blade in the Prequel Trilogy, and if he could choose his own, which would he choose:

"“Serious? The chance. I did not choose. JJ Abrams chose. Blue, simply. You should have asked me I would not have been blue. I would have chosen black. A black blade with a consistency like smoke … A black-lightsaber. I do not know how they can do this visually but I’m sure it could be empty.”"

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Ahhh, the black lightsaber blade. It does exist in official Star Wars canon, especially since Disney made a point to note that The Clone Wars animated series (now on Netflix) features a Mandalorian clan that uses a laser sword with a black blade. You can see John Boyega in Star Wars: The Force Awakens on December 18, when it premieres worldwide.